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When consulting the decoration quotation, many consumers will have this feeling: it is also a new house decoration with an area of about 100 square meters, and some decoration companies say it can cost 20000 or 30000 yuan

when consulting the decoration quotation, many consumers will have this feeling: it is also a new house decoration with an area of about 100 square meters. Some decoration companies say that it will cost 20000 or 30000 yuan, some decoration companies offer 50000 or 60000 yuan, and some say it will cost more than 100000 yuan. Consumers don't know why the quotation difference of decoration companies is so large. The supervisor will analyze the difference of decoration under different quotations for you

material price is the basis

first, the decoration price is related to the materials selected by the decoration households. Rare materials are more expensive, and materials from far away or scarce places of origin are naturally more expensive than local or common materials; The second is the quality of the material itself. It is relatively expensive to have a solid texture and a long aging period. On the contrary, it is relatively cheap; Thirdly, the brand, famous brand and reputable products are more expensive than the materials of nameless small factories

the process has different prices

the process of the construction team refers to the construction level and production level of the construction personnel. In the case of the same materials, the craftsmanship of workers is a very important factor, which directly affects the quality of decoration. Even if the decoration company promotes and discounts, the construction technology and construction technology cannot be discounted. Skilled and well-trained construction personnel naturally charge higher prices, and vice versa. Therefore, when facing the price, we should ask about the level and grade of construction personnel. In addition, it is also determined by the working hours. The longer the working hours, the higher the price

the size of the company affects the price

an excellent decoration company should have quite high qualifications and a certain scale, various departments should be well equipped, and the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services should take their respective responsibilities. These all require certain fees, which will naturally be reflected in the price. The scale of the "decoration guerrillas" is impossible to talk about. Everyone of them is not only a boss, designer, but also a budgeter, construction management, material procurement and construction workers. They start work with a few fellow villagers, an air pump, an electric hammer, a few hammers and a saw. The price is naturally low, but the quality is not guaranteed

construction management affects the price

home decoration projects of brand companies and large-scale decoration companies, as well as strict management of engineering construction links and excellent construction management personnel. If a project does not have an excellent construction management personnel, even if there are good materials and good construction personnel, it is impossible to have a high-quality project. The construction process itself is a complex process. There are many types of work involved in home decoration. The cross operation of various types of work and the sequence of processes are crucial to ensure the construction quality. The cost of decoration company management is naturally reflected in the decoration price of decoration households. Therefore, construction management also affects the price





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