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Baidibao health board products, which are ahead of other traditional boards in terms of environmental protection performance, have shown a prairie fire trend and are making great strides into thousands of households

environmental home life has become a new and common social behavior

when the concept of environmental protection and green life extends to every corner of home decoration, baidibao health board products, which are ahead of other traditional boards with environmental protection performance, have shown a prairie fire trend and are making great strides into thousands of households

baidibao, one of the top ten brands of China's board, is in the process of attracting investment in brand stores in 2018.

a number of survey data in 2017 show that environmental friendly household board is a new outlet in the industry. Faced with huge business opportunities, many businesses and agents are eager to try. As of 2017, thousands of businesses have emerged in the healthy home panel industry

we know that environmental friendly healthy plates are the crystallization of science and technology. Enterprises need strong R & D strength to have the core technology of healthy plates and strong market competitiveness. Therefore, for agents, choosing the right manufacturer is the foundation of success. In the current market of environmentally friendly household materials, there are few enterprises with strong R & D strength, supply capacity, market promotion and after-sales service, among which baidibao health plate under Putian Huangpu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a very representative one

Putian Huangpu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive household material enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Develop strategic partners mainly based on urban agents

five guarantees for the 2018 brand investment of baidibao board:

first, R & D guarantee: baidibao board has the industry-leading R & D force to ensure the continuous leading level of R & D in the field of product environmental protection

II. Quality assurance: anti corrosion, waterproof, anti-seismic, aging, durable, high temperature resistance and other authoritative certification to ensure good quality

III. low inventory guarantee: baidibao plate does not use the means of pressing goods, and all are order sales, so as to minimize the inventory of dealers

IV. low risk guarantee: baidibao plate provides engineering information, assists in investment promotion, terminal promotion, advertising reimbursement and other guarantee measures to minimize the risk of dealers

v. high profit guarantee: baidibao board has a retail profit of up to 300%, as well as high rebates and rewards, which ensure that the return of dealers is much higher than that of other brands

eight supports for 2018 brand investment promotion of baidibao board:

first, marketing training support system: one-to-one marketing training, technical training, making profits while controlling the development trend of the industry

II. Market promotion support system: relying on the strong strength of baidibao plate technology, the market promotion is guaranteed effectively and the brand reputation is guaranteed reliably

III. market guarantee support system: perfect price guarantee, regional guarantee and channel guarantee to effectively protect the interests of channel providers

IV. effective information support system: authentic and effective engineering information and relevant channel information are unconditionally provided to channel partners

v. advertising communication support system: strong marketing material support and cash advertising expense reimbursement to ensure the rapid start of the market

VI. active management support system: reward and punishment should be combined, and marketing plans should be formulated dynamically to ensure the stable profits of channel partners

VII. Regular personnel support system: experienced market representatives are resident in the region to assist channel business market development on a regular basis

VIII. Technical support system: internationally leading R & D strength, and dozens of professors and doctors ensure that the performance is always leading

in the face of huge market opportunities, baidibao health plate has won market recognition and customer trust with its industry-leading net aldehyde grade, E0, E1 and other series of products with environmental protection performance. As of 2017, the company has signed more than 300 agents nationwide, showing strong enterprise strength and service ability

in the next market expansion, baidibao health plate will provide a road to success and wealth for the majority of agent stores with stronger market promotion ability and after-sales service ability


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