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Small capital investment and entrepreneurship good projects recommend ten good projects suitable for young people to start a business cloud wall view

in today's era of rapid development, entrepreneurship and business has always been a hot topic, making money has always been something people talk about, and then more and more people want to start a business, but many people are very lack of resources and experience when they start a business for the first time. There are also capital restrictions. Do you know which industries will make money in 2019? What do you invest in doing business? Today, Xiaobian recommends some small investment and entrepreneurship projects

1, pregnancy and infant stores

with the opening of the national second child policy, experts predict that there will be more newborn babies in the next 5-10 years. In addition, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, parents are particularly willing to spend money and investment for their babies. Even grandparents and grandparents will turn around the baby alone. Now baby products occupy the market. Baby products are a special industry. They are purchased by mothers and used by babies, which is a particularly strong industry to guide consumption

the investment in opening pregnancy and infant stores is not very large, the profit point is also high, and the market demand is also relatively large. You should choose a good brand when opening a maternity and infant store, and you must be optimistic about the quality of products, because in today's society, parents pay great attention to the quality of products, especially baby products

2. Steamed stuffed bun shop

steaming steamed stuffed bun is an indispensable food for people's breakfast nowadays. Many people think that steamed stuffed bun shop is easy to operate, which is actually wrong. Steamed stuffed bun shop must be selected according to the diversion of people, and can be selected near some schools and business buildings, because the flow of people around is relatively large. Opening a steamed stuffed bun shop should at least be clean and tidy. Secondly, it should have a unique taste. Steamed stuffed buns are generally divided into meat steamed buns, vegetarian steamed buns and soup stuffed buns. Its production is extremely simple and easy to operate. You can consider joining some well-known brands, so you don't have to advertise the store too much, because the joined brands are famous, and consumers will come here with admiration

3. Smoke free barbecue

barbecue is a popular snack today. After barbecue, the food has delicious color and unique taste. The smokeless barbecue features microporous ceramic fire plate, combined with infrared radiant heat, and the electronic ignition switch is safe

the store of the barbecue shop doesn't need to be very big. It's OK to rent a house of 40 or 50 square meters. People all know that the barbecue shop has a small investment and a net profit of about 60%, which is very considerable. The most important thing to open a barbecue shop is to choose a location. You can choose a street or neighborhood with a large flow of people. Then there is a good location, followed by the craft. The craft and taste of barbecue are very important. A good entrance can make a more considerable income. If you don't have any experience and want to develop in the longer term, you can consider choosing a franchisee. The advantages of choosing a franchisee are: 1. The headquarters will provide equipment and raw materials; 2. The headquarters also hand in hand to teach you technology; 3. It can save a lot of heart, and the product quality will be guaranteed

4. Yunpin wall view

with the development of society and the transfer of social leading forces, "innovation, fashion, environmental protection" has become a new theme of the times. People have new concepts and requirements for the design of home environment, and wall decoration has become another focus of home environment design. Acting as a proxy for yunpin wall scenery is also a good choice. There is no need to open a shop and draw basic paintings. Ordinary people can also become professional wall painters. Moreover, the environmental and safe creative wall painting market is blank and cost-effective, which is very suitable for working-class home decoration

5. Milk tea shop

in recent years, the milk tea industry has developed very fast in China. The tradition and history of domestic milk tea diet have a long history, and milk tea has become an indispensable part of people's life. Compared with many entrepreneurial projects, the investment in opening a milk tea shop is very small. Not only does it not need too much facade, there are not too many requirements for decoration, in addition, the cost of milk tea is not high. However, the price of milk tea is not low, which shows that it is very profitable to open milk tea shops today. Since its launch, milk tea has been loved by the majority of customers. It not only tastes good, but also has rich nutrition. Especially for young consumers, milk tea is very popular

6. Laundry

with the improvement of people's living standards and the rapid change of dressing culture, the dry cleaning industry has ushered in a good opportunity for rapid development. Not only the sheets and quilts need dry cleaning, but also the maintenance of leather clothes and fur needs the help of dry cleaners. Therefore, the prospect of today's dry cleaning industry is very good, and it is also very good to open a dry cleaning shop

7. Everyone has the heart of beauty in the hair salon

. Young people, in particular, have a strong pursuit of beauty. We need to master various hair care techniques such as shampoo, haircut, dyeing and perm. Of course, we can also provide some small activities in the store to attract more consumers, such as free eyebrow trimming, regular discounts and so on. You can also attract more consumers by handling membership cards. For example, take the form of membership card points, accumulate points with the consumption amount, and you can enjoy a certain hairdressing and hair care service for free when you reach a certain amount. Or exchange points for some small gifts. Of course, the membership card upgrade system can also be adopted. The level of membership card can be upgraded by accumulating a certain amount of consumption. Different levels of membership card consumption can enjoy different levels of discount services

8. Nail salons

hands are known as "women's second face". Besides being keen on facial beauty, women also attach great importance to hand maintenance, and the nail beauty industry has developed accordingly. Manicure service first appeared in wedding dress shops. At that time, it took more than 1000 yuan to make a pair of crystal nails. Nowadays, with the decline of material prices and the popularization of technology, nail salon has become a civilian consumption, which provides a broad demand market for small nail salons

9. Educational institutions

nowadays, parents are investing more and more in their children's education, and many parents are unwilling to let their children lose at the starting line. At present, this industry is still an emerging industry in all provinces and cities. Only a few education centers have been opened in some cities, which has great development potential and broad investment prospects. If you want to start a business and make money, you might as well consider starting with the education industry

10. Cloud taster

now people pay more and more attention to home decoration, but the products of the background wall industry have not been innovative. It is a special craft that can paint on the wall without a pen. It can be operated without the ordinary foundation of painting art, breaking the threshold of hand-painted technology, and making the elegant wall painting art a public entrepreneurship project

adopt the sales mode of not opening a store, and jointly carry out promotional activities with the store. No store wins ten thousand stores, without any agency fee and franchise fee. It only needs to meet the one-time purchase standard to act as an agent, and the agent can operate





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