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[] home decoration consumption is a dynamic project, which is different from purchasing general goods. It is only a few times in a lifetime, and the amount is large. However, many consumers regard it as commodity consumption, and have been used to discounts, gifts, set meals, group purchases, centralized purchases and other preferential activities. Because of the particularity of consumption, consumers know little about home decoration knowledge, home decoration market and decoration industry. Generally, they are temporarily crammed when there is demand. Therefore, the home decoration market and decoration industry are very chaotic, and consumers appear irrational under their guidance and misleading. How much do consumers know about the home decoration market and the home decoration industry? How much do you know about the category and price of home decoration materials? How much do you know about the properties and uses of materials? Can you distinguish the true and false materials? Construction node, understand? Will the matching quantity of decoration materials be calculated? What are the management modes and quotation methods in the decoration industry? How many ways to collect management fees and profits? How much money is reasonable? How much is the daily wage of decoration technicians and how much is the pay per piece? What is the acceptance standard of family room decoration project? Where are the hidden dangers of home decoration? What determines the quality of home decoration? These problems are closely related to home decoration. The size of the market generally leads to a large number of employees, which leads to cruel competition and industry chaos. In the face of brutal competition in the home decoration market, only life is the last word. If you want to live, you have to lose elegance and do whatever you want. However, the competition in the home decoration industry has not benefited consumers, because home decoration is a dynamic and combined project, which is different from buying a certain commodity. You can buy it as it is or compare the price. Fighting a price war is just a superficial phenomenon. It is the universal logic of thinking in the decoration industry to decorate first and then consider how to make money. Yes, there is no profit to talk about without the subject matter? Unfortunately, no one believes in the brand of free decoration. If consumers can believe it, home decoration companies will show the brand of free decoration one after another. One is to squeeze out competitors by lowering the quotation; One is to mislead and induce consumers by changing tricks. If an enterprise wants to survive, it is inevitable to make profits. Profits come from consumers. Can you see the profit from the target of consumers or a project quotation? Is it gross profit or net profit? How much do you think is reasonable? I believe few consumers can answer these questions. For the same home decoration project, you will feel high when you report 50000 yuan, and you will also feel high when you report 40000 yuan. You will feel high when you report how much, which is called how the industry is not chaotic. The reason is that you don't know the market and industry, and you don't have a steelyard in your heart. This steelyard is the cost of home decoration (market material cost and labor cost). With this scale, consumers can understand the whereabouts of home decoration funds, and identify and distinguish the greasy, profiteering and rationality in the decoration quotation of home decoration companies. Home decoration consumers often ask questions like this in the decoration consultation process: how big is your company? Is your quotation high or low? Do you have any preferential activities in your company? How much does it cost to decorate a 90 square meter house. Are big houses, big advertisements, many people and many cars big companies? Is it expensive or cheap to lay bricks for 18 yuan and apply putty and paint for 8 yuan (labor cost)? Who pays for discounts and gifts? Is it OK to say 30000 for the decoration fee of a 90 square meter house, or 50000 or 100000? To put it bluntly, you can decorate as much as you spend. The budget of home decoration is up to you the final say, but you must find out where the decoration funds go. Remember: there must be a steelyard in your heart. The cost of home decoration is a matter of no spectrum. The concept of price and value is quite different. Spending 100 yuan to buy an unsatisfactory thing is not as good as spending 110 yuan to buy a satisfactory thing, is it? It's better to stay away from the person who leads you by the nose than to be led by others. Remember: the top leader of home decoration is yourself. Leaders don't need to know everything, just grasp the big links and find a reliable agent for you. A grass on the wall, blowing on both sides is the most irrational performance; If the decoration is not done well and all the responsibilities are attributed to others, it is a sign of their own incompetence. To achieve value for money, worry free, labor-saving and cost-effective home decoration projects, insiders believe that home decoration consumers can take four steps:

the first step is to budget their own funds and plan how much money to invest in decoration

step 2: choose your decoration agent (home decoration company) and put forward home decoration solutions for you within the scope of decoration funds you control, or divided into high, medium and low grades

the third step is to investigate the market and verify whether the home decoration scheme is scientific and feasible (cost accounting is the yardstick of home decoration quotation)

step 4: sign a home decoration contract and grasp the four passes. In the eyes of many consumers, home decoration is a very tired and annoying thing, which is far from as simple as I said. Before home decoration, I will try my best to learn, inquire, investigate and consult, but what I get is hearsay, echoing others, few and one-sided things. Why is that? The industry rules and disordered market are telling us; The cruel competition is telling us; The so-called experts are fooling us. It is difficult for non industry people to get real and effective data. Even if you are told the real thing, you will be full of suspicion and vagueness. In that case, why do you have to make those unnecessary sacrifices? Can I start in a year and a half? What is the purpose of the signed home decoration contract? Did you pay the management fee and profit of the home decoration company? Are you an errand runner or a leader? After solving and understanding these problems, the above four steps will be effective





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