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As the pollution becomes more and more serious, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, especially in home decoration, the formaldehyde content is relatively high, especially for wood floors that are used frequently, it is best to use environmentally friendly materials. How about the Moganshan floor, which is very popular in the market

the non formaldehyde floor of Moganshan wood floor is the world's leading environmental protection floor. Using corn starch adhesive to replace the traditional urea formaldehyde resin adhesive, the formaldehyde emission is far lower than the international standard, and it is the top environmental protection floor in the real sense. Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you how about Moganshan flooring. Is the price expensive

[how about Moganshan floor]

Moganshan floor was founded in 1995. After years of development, Moganshan floor has its own special fast-growing wood planting base, and is engaged in more than 10 types of decorative materials, including floor, veneer, plywood, blockboard, craft wooden door, etc. At present, Moganshan flooring has developed into the largest and most influential environmental friendly panel manufacturing enterprise in China

while pursuing environmental protection, Moganshan flooring is also very technological innovation, with six original technologies:

1, “ Non formaldehyde floor ”, The first in the world &mdash& mdash; Moganshan floor is the first non formaldehyde floor with independent intellectual property rights in the world. It uses corn starch glue completely free of formaldehyde as adhesive, and its formaldehyde emission is far lower than the standards of Japanese f ★★★★★★★★ and American carb certification, reaching the international leading level. After national patent certification, the product is truly environmentally friendly and harmless

2、“ Chromatin process ”, The world's first &mdash& mdash; Export to Germany “ Chromatin ”, Let the active paint more evenly penetrate into the pores of skin cells on the surface of each floor, ensuring that the paint with floor texture is fuller and more uniform, with strong adhesion, clear and lifelike wood grain, and the product will never fade

3、“ Self repair ”, Maintenance innovation &mdash& mdash; The first company in the industry developed “ Self healing ” Moganshan repair and maintenance wax oil, in the long-term use process, can resist scratches and impact, make the floor surface paint more flexible, and can moderately carry out magical self-healing

4、“ Sound insulation effect ”, National patents &mdash& mdash; Sound insulation effect of floor ’ Indicators and other comprehensive leading peers, and obtained national patent certification

5、“ Clean and antibacterial ”, National patents &mdash& mdash; Antibacterial cleaning on the floor surface is convenient to break through technology and obtain national patents

6、“ Flame retardant and fireproof ”, National patents &mdash& mdash; In terms of anti combustion and fire prevention indicators, it has obtained national patents

Moganshan flooring is very good, but the price is a little high, but the solid wood flooring in Moganshan is first-class. A board and Jianfo paint are considered as luxury accessories in solid wood flooring, and many so-called big brands are only qualified products. Moganshan is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in wood. It has been OEM for more than ten years and is very focused on wood products processing

[is Moganshan floor expensive]

1 Type: reinforced composite, model: composite overhead, specification: 600*600*30mm, price: 161 yuan/square meter

2. Type: solid wood floor, model: Dragon Phoenix sandalwood, specification: 910*125*18mm, price: 345 yuan/square meter

3. Type: solid wood floor, model: Printed eggplant, specification: 910*122*18mm, price: 330 yuan/square meter

4. Type: solid wood floor, model: ash wood, specification: 910*122*18mm, price: 320 yuan/square meter

5. Type: solid wood floor, model: King Kong teak, specification: 910*122*18mm, price: 360 yuan/square meter

Xiaobian conclusion: the above introduces Moganshan flooring, hoping to help you. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform. More wonderful content will be presented for you in the follow-up




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