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Bayer Makrolon realizes the exhibition of German Embassy's works to welcome the Olympic Games. According to the news from Leverkusen, Germany, the athletes are not the only protagonists of the most important Beijing Summer Olympic Games this year. At this time, the German Embassy in Beijing also displayed a work of art designed by Chinese artist lijiawei, which is encouraged by its extensive use in data mechanics testing. One of his great works is a difficult shirt for the growth of large sports enterprises that can cover the entire embassy building. This design is to inspire athletes who want to be successful in this Olympic Games and advocate fair competition at the same time. His second work symbolizes the taste. This work represents a scene in which the audience cheers for the athletes who have achieved outstanding success. The raw materials of lijiawei's works come from the high-performance plastic Makrolon of Bayer MaterialScience. This polycarbonate has an impressive visual effect due to its light weight and outstanding transparency. Li Jiawei used more than 1300 square meters of Makrolon board in these two huge art works displayed at the German Embassy. Makrolon is widely used in various fields due to its light weight per unit area. Its excellent impact performance and breaking strength also ensure a high level of safety. It can also be used as a creative material for artists. It can be molded into the required form by cooling, bending and heat treatment process. For artists, this is also the key factor to turn their inspiration into real objects

this work created by lijiawei will be displayed at the German Embassy in Beijing from August 4, 2008. The art design will also be presented to the public at the opening ceremony of the German Embassy in Beijing, as shown in the figure, with load sensors installed on the 10 prefix and clamps used to clamp the experimental film. At the same time, Bayer materials technology, the automobile manufacturer BMW and the lighting company siteco will support the German Embassy in this activity. Siteco will also use special lighting to make the work charming at night

sound and heat sealing strength performance:

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