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The safety problem of beer bottles is expected to be solved.

when can I use safe beer bottles at the feet of runners with new cushioning materials like me? According to the statistics of the Chinese consumers' Association, dozens of beer bottle explosion injuries occur every year, ranging from hand and foot injuries to life-threatening injuries. But now it seems that there is some hope to solve the problem of beer bottle safety. Not long ago, Shanghai Aolian Glass Co., Ltd. developed a 640ml thin-wall lightweight reinforced beer bottle. It is said that the beer bottle has high internal pressure resistance and impact strength, is suitable for high-speed filling, has good sealing performance, bright appearance, and the damage rate of new products has been reduced from 3% to 5% to 0.2% to 0.5%

more importantly, there is a thorough solution. A kind of PET beer bottle developed at present gives us a bright prospect of completely solving the problem of beer bottle explosion in terms of materials. Like plastic bottles, this kind of bottle is light and transparent, and has no problems of explosion and breaking. Some experts predict that the 21st century will be dominated by PET filled beer bottles

in general, the development is not balanced. When can we use safe beer bottles? Ms. Du, Secretary General of the China beer association, said that obviously it still needs to wait patiently, or even for a long time. At present, the use of PET beer bottles in China is only in the experimental stage. Only a few enterprises such as Zhujiang Beer have made some experimental production and use, and the technical level has not reached the requirements. There is no digital display thermostatic water tank PET beer bottle on the market. As for other so-called high-tech new material explosion-proof beer bottles, it is only that some technical requirements are higher than ordinary glass bottles, which is difficult to fundamentally solve the safety problem of beer bottles

pet beer bottle into our life, what are the problems? It is reported that the PET bottle is difficult to bear the high-speed filling temperature of 3000 ℃, which is one of the fatal weaknesses. Secondly, glass bottles cost 50 cents each and can be used for many times, while PET bottles cost 1 yuan each and can only be used once, so they cannot be popularized in terms of cost. In addition, PET bottles have weak penetration resistance, which affects the taste and shelf life

however, these do not hinder the bright prospect of the development of safe beer bottles into a dynamic and opportunity filled emerging industry. At present, Germany has developed a PET bottle specially for the UK market, which can be opened with a pull ring to improve the impermeability of the PET bottle, meet the needs of the shelf life, and can be 100% recycled. According to the data, the output of PET beer bottles in the United States in 2000 was 73500 tons, 35000 tons in Japan, 28000 tons in Germany and 34000 tons in France. It is estimated that by 2004, the output of the United States will reach 114000 tons, Japan 50000 tons and Germany 46000 tons

at present, there are 24 beer bottle manufacturers with an annual output of more than 10million, and only more than 30 beer bottle manufacturers with an annual output of 1million to 10million. Although the safety beer bottle is still in the experimental stage in China, from the international perspective, its popularity is not 5. Selecting a good experimental speed or using stepless gear for position extension can be reversed, and the technical level cannot remain unchanged. It can be said that the emerging safe beer bottle industry is waving to these enterprises. At present, Shijiazhuang Sanjiu brewery has cooperated with France Sidel company to test and develop PET bottles, making the safe beer bottle industry a big step forward

industry experts believe that although there is a gap between China and foreign countries in the development technology of safe beer bottles, with the development and exchange of safe beer bottle technology, this gap will narrow or even disappear. At that time, the practical application and popularization of safe beer bottles will become a reality. This has also brought challenges and opportunities to beer enterprises, which can also be said to exist now

[editor] we finally saw the dawn. For a long time, frequent beer bottle explosions have not only caused personal injury to consumers, but also caused great headaches to beer manufacturers and businesses. Relevant state departments also attach great importance to this. First, non-B bottles are prohibited, which reduces the frequency of beer bottle explosion to a certain extent. However, with the arrival of the service life of bottle B, beer bottle explosion incidents around the country are on the rise. How to fundamentally solve this problem is a problem that the whole beer industry must face. Now PET bottles are coming out, bringing hope to people. It is also reported that a scientist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a beer bottle made of nano materials. If large-scale industrial production is realized, the cost will be lower and the indicators will be better. As people in the industry, we sincerely hope that these two products can be invested and produced as soon as possible, bringing permanent peace to our beer manufacturers, distributors and consumers

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