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Bayer materials technology Caojing aliphatic coating raw material device capacity expansion recently, Bayer materials technology announced the capacity expansion plan of desmodur n aliphatic coating raw material production device in its Caojing integrated base. According to the plan, the capacity of this device will be increased to 27000 tons per year to meet the increasing demand from Asia, especially the Chinese market for automobile, basic industry and plastics from import to production

Bayer desmodur n Tu's main Express brand agreement customers' electronic waybill utilization rate reaches 90%. The production line with upper raw materials is located in Caojing base. Since 2003, experts expect to start production in April, with an initial production capacity of 11500 tons per year

desmodur n belongs to Bayer desmodur polyisocyanate raw material series, which is widely used in the formulation of polyurethane coating, adhesive and sealant products; Desmodur n is an HDI based solvent-free aliphatic polyisocyanate resin

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