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On August 10, "dressing up your beauty -- dressing up your beauty -- dressing up your face towel series of silver pigeon 2019" was successfully held in Luohe, Henan Province. Nearly 90 dealer representatives from all over the country attended the meeting and signed more than 6 million contracts. At the meeting, the general manager of silver pigeon group tissue company introduced the company's recent development plan, In the future, the company plans to increase production capacity through projects and cooperate with dealers for win-win results to improve the quality of household paper products

life paper, as the flagship paper of silver pigeon group, focuses on the market, conducts in-depth research, timely optimizes the marketing strategy, changes the marketing mode, focuses more on the functionality of products, creates the strategic route of "Silver Pigeon" brand construction, improves the product matrix, and cultivates new profit growth points by strengthening product innovation and improvement

at the promotion meeting, the marketing director of life paper company interpreted the characteristics, advantages and preferential policies of the new products on site, deepened people's understanding of the "makeup tissue paper" and highlighted the concept of silver pigeon caring with love. The launch of the "makeup tissue paper" new product will greatly improve the popularity and reputation of the "Silver Pigeon" brand and lay out the distribution of goods for dealers' terminals in advance

there are three new products of the "makeup tissue paper" series of silver pigeon released this time. They are produced with high-quality raw wood pulp. No time agent and harmful chemical additives are used during the whole production process when any bleached sample is subjected to excessive compression force on the impact tester. With the design concept of "soft life road, soft skin, dry and wet experimental forces are used regardless of grade", the product aims to provide the residents of the target customer group with more safe, flexible and comfortable high-quality household paper with different distance between markings

through this new product promotion meeting, the profound friendship between manufacturers has been increased, the dealers have more confidence in the future, and the cooperation with silver pigeon company will be more solid. Silver Pigeon company will stand at a new starting point, carry a new dream and mission, and create brilliance with the dealers

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