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China Jiangxi net news "shouting for price increases at the end of each year" seems to have been the practice of the decoration market. At this time, home decoration building materials merchants will always persuade consumers to place orders on the basis of price increases, just like the "price increase theory" that once exploded in the circle of friends at the end of last year, slogans such as "spend more on decoration next year" and "it's too late to decorate again" are everywhere. But interestingly, many decoration companies or building materials manufacturers who claim that "prices will rise after the new year" have not fulfilled their "promises" to raise prices, and many consumers feel cheated. So, will the recent rumor of a resurgence in prices be another story of "the wolf is coming"


the price rise is fierce, and the labor freight of raw materials has risen by 20%

the reporter's investigation found that the labor, raw material prices and freight of the home decoration and building materials industry have increased significantly this year, and this round of price rise is much larger than before. Lu Qinghua, general manager of oufang decoration, told reporters that although the price of raw materials also changed last year, the increase was no more than 5%, but the price increase this year was as high as 20%. The price of some single products even doubled. For example, the price of gypsum board rose from 15 yuan per piece to 30 yuan per piece

in addition to raw materials, labor costs and freight costs have also increased by nearly 20%. Workers' wages have been increased from 300 yuan per day to 400-500 yuan per day. There are still gaps in many types of work, and construction workers are in short supply


environmental protection has led to the rise in the price of materials, the shortage of workers and the increase in labor costs

for this sharp rise in the price of raw materials, many bosses of home decoration and building materials enterprises have said that the increase in environmental protection is the main reason for this rise in prices. Gongyuejun, general manager of Nanchang Branch of Lugong mansion decoration, analyzed that the implementation of the new environmental protection policy has raised the threshold of market access. While promoting the upgrading of the industry, it has also led to the rectification, production restriction and even shutdown of many furniture enterprises that do not meet the environmental protection standards. The overall output has decreased, and the price has increased

in addition, decoration is an industry with high personal cost. With the decreasing number of employees such as bricklayer, carpenter and bricklayer, there is a shortage of professional decoration workers. Many construction sites have only one worker for one type of work, resulting in the continuous rise of decoration labor costs and the increase of decoration costs

in the future,

the decoration cost increase next year is expected to not exceed 15%

in order to cope with the rising cost pressure caused by the rising price of raw materials and labor, some decoration companies have raised prices slightly within the range acceptable to consumers, and most decoration companies also said that they have plans to raise prices. For example, the Nanchang Branch of Lugong mansion decoration began to adjust the price in October, and the quotation was adjusted from the original 29800 yuan to 39800 yuan. General manager gongyuejun said that considering the impact of the rapid price rise on consumers, the price adjustment also increased the construction content, adding the hydropower projects that were not originally included, with an overall increase of less than 5%. Lizhiyong, general manager of Nanchang marketing center of europai home furnishing group, also admitted that the company adjusted the product price in May, but what it matched was the upgrading of technology, materials and services at the same time, with a higher actual cost performance

in addition, Li Zhiyong also said that building materials are different from household appliances and other products. The premium rate of building materials products is low, and materials and labor account for the main part of the cost. Therefore, the price rise is a long-term trend. Gongyuejun also believes that the decoration cost of consumers will rise next year, but considering the market acceptance, he believes that the increase will not exceed 15%

for the price rise, enterprises are also helpless, but more enterprises say that the most important thing of home decoration building materials is quality. Compared with price, consumers pay more attention to product environmental protection, functional needs and after-sales service. Consumers have the ability to distinguish between good and bad products, and they are also very rational in dealing with the price rise. They will not refuse to buy because of the price rise. At the same time, enterprises themselves must also improve product quality and services in order to make consumers feel at ease to buy





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