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This autumn outing has enhanced the teamwork ability of the employees of xiaojiading smart lock and the feelings among colleagues, increased the cohesion of the team, and reflected the core of the corporate culture of xiaojiading's unity, cooperation, harmonious progress and the team spirit of win-win cooperation

in order to enrich the spare time life of the collective employees, enjoy the fun of collective activities after intense and busy work, and enhance mutual teamwork and feelings among colleagues, on October 28, all the young people started a two-day and one night autumn tour to Qingyuan

on October 28, the weather in Guangdong coincided with the weekend. It was full of autumn, fresh and pleasant. Everyone gathered and set out early. In the smooth journey and the laughter of the car, the autumn tour officially kicked off

the first stop is live CS field club and farmhouse picnic

putting on vests and carrying guns, everyone instantly turned into the rush of special combat team members. Is there a kind of visual sense of collective photos taken by special forces? Take out the strength and skills of field special forces and launch an unprecedented war. Just like our team, facing the market is like war

after the CS match, near noon, everyone was divided into two groups and began to prepare meals by themselves. In addition to being professional at work, xiaojiading people also have their own unique skills in life. Chefs come from all over the world

Zhou Chang is showing everyone the strength of family men

laughter lingered in the air with wisps of cooking smoke, eating the food cooked by ourselves, and talking about all kinds of interesting things we encountered in work and life

Qingyuan is a very charming city. It is young and fashionable. It is a city with rich tourism resources. There are many characteristics here, among which autumn hot spring is a good choice

of course! So a good hotel, the more sense of achievement is that the hotel we live in also uses our energy-saving power switch system, which not only saves energy and electricity, but also makes it more comfortable to sleep at night. The sound of nature from the primeval forest makes the night more charming

the second stop is xinyinzhan hot spring resort, which is not only a hot spring resort with unique characteristics, but also a large international expansion base

in the expansion base, the company carefully prepared team activities for everyone, and the winner will be rewarded

this group of good friends, regardless of age and identity, are very happy

through this series of activities, not only the feelings between employees have been enhanced, but more importantly, the cohesion of the company has been enhanced, the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance has been displayed, health and happiness have been harvested, and color has been added to our work life

the next day, leaving xinyinzhan hot spring resort, we came to niuyuzui primitive ecological scenic spot. Qingyuan mountain forest scenic spot is very distinctive. In addition to rafting, it is famous, thrilling and exciting. Climbing mountains in autumn, the air is very fresh. In autumn, the forest here is full of colors, the scenery is spectacular, and the soul is completely relaxed. It is very suitable

many people who are attracted by the name want to take a walk on the glass bridge of niuyuzui. This white suspension bridge is suspended between the two mountains. The clear and transparent glass floor at the foot can overlook the scenery at the foot. The bridge body feels wobbly in the bleak autumn wind. It's really creepy and cautious to walk on it for the first time

but no matter how thrilling the road is, it's hard to stop this calm and confident brother ~

walking down the glass bridge and choosing to go down the glass slide. It's very exciting and fun

although I feel a little tired during the happy journey of the day, everyone is in a happy mood. This autumn outing relaxed everyone's body and mind, alleviated the pressure brought by work and life, and embodied the core of corporate culture of unity, cooperation, harmony and progress and the team spirit of win-win cooperation

in the autumn of harvest, we are passionate, and will devote ourselves to our jobs with fuller work enthusiasm, contribute our own strength to the vigorous development of the company, and jointly build the elite of the smart lock industry. We will forge ahead and sail forward together




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