Life is so short that life should be interesting

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What is interest? Interest is a person's charm! Such as Huang Bo's kind of gentleman humor, sitting in the love of the goddess, such as Xu Jinglei's ability to write good words, glowing at will, such as Haiqing's artistic accomplishment of musical instruments, operas, and dances

what is interest

interest is a person's charm

such as Huang Bo, a gentleman with humor, sitting with the admiration of the goddess

such as Xu Jinglei, who writes good words, is full of talent and free will

such as Haiqing musical instruments, operas, dances, unrestrained artistic cultivation

△ stay away from boring people

there is a very interesting question: how to live with interest among a group of people without interest

the answer is: leave this group

a lifetime is so short that when we cherish life, we always tend to those people who have noble interests in life, giving out pleasure from the bottom of our hearts

if your life is interesting, the house should have personality

△ people who live in a personalized house are full of enthusiasm and curiosity about life and everything around them

living room

this is an era of looking at "face". The interesting world is colorful, open and happy. Others will easily be attracted by it and enter its world


people who have the taste of life, even if they are trapped in daily necessities, can also reconcile the high-level sense of icing on the cake, and taste delicious interest in a simple life

master bedroom

finding the interest of life is respect for life, and there is no need to pile up famous brand logos to be happy. Some happiness has little to do with the amount of wealth. Simple functional wardrobe, comfortable big bed, light and shadow climbing into the bedroom can also be enjoyable

children's room

happiness will infect. If you give more care to your family, you can gain more beauty. Customize the white overall wardrobe to store the children's miscellaneous things, make room for children's fun, and grasp the fleeting "small happiness" at every moment

beautiful skins are the same, and interesting souls are one in a million

in reality, we can't choose who we will meet, but we can choose who we will be

live a delicate and interesting life and make ordinary days shine





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