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The over packaging of some commodities in the market is becoming more and more serious, and the agricultural and forestry wastes in our province are in urgent need of remediation. On April 1, with the formal implementation of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid wastes (hereinafter referred to as the prevention and control law), the excessive packaging of commodities will be stopped. Recently, a survey was conducted in Nanning market to solve this problem

the scene witnessed that the packaging market was still lively.

on the morning of the 30th, I saw in a tea store on Yuanhu road that all the tea packaging boxes in the store were "dressed up" very charming. According to the owner of the store, these boxes are generally carved and hollowed out. "Many customers buy gifts with luxurious and beautiful packaging, which makes them feel elegant." When asked about the cost of these tea and the cost of the box, the shop owner said with a smile: "it's hard to say, some packaging costs are greater than the value of tea." Ms. Zeng, a citizen, told me that she received a box of chocolates from her boyfriend on Valentine's day this year. She stripped off eight layers of wrapping paper to finally see the "true face of Lushan Mountain", "but after eating it, she felt that the taste was no different". Yesterday, I visited five tea stores and supermarkets in the urban area, and found that many foreign wine, tea, tonics and other items were mostly packed by "aristocrats", and the protagonists in the packaging box became supporting roles instead. According to Mr. Xie, who worked as a sales promoter in a liquor store, the remaining space in the packaging box for items such as American ginseng and foreign wine is often more than twice the size of the "protagonist". "The luxurious outer packaging of these gift commodities as gifts to others is actually to meet the vanity psychology of both parties."

views of all parties

citizens: the truth is the real thing at a reasonable price

Ms. Zhou, who works in a securities company in Nanning, told her that she bought two boxes of nutritional supplements to her parents at the mall this year's Lantern Festival. Who knows, after unpacking the exquisite outsourcing, the demolition of a park in the center of Istanbul was used as the fuse to pack the boxes. It was found that there were small boxes inside the large box, folded into a square cardboard room, and small glass bottles wrapped in yellow silk. "The exquisite gift box and yellow silk and satin were thrown away, but it was useless to keep them. They spent money to buy a pile of luxury garbage.". Including the accuracy of force measurement, another 10 citizens were interviewed at random on the morning of the 30th. They said that at present, they do not know much about the specific provisions of the prevention and control law, but most people support limiting excessive packaging. Mr. LV, the business director of an advertising company in Nanning, has a representative view. He said that during the New Year holidays, he has to give gifts to his family, relatives and friends, so he can't afford to buy ordinary face, so he always chooses to give gifts with luxurious packaging. "But he always feels that he has spent money on packaging. Now the state has introduced laws to restrict excessive packaging, so he can spend less money wrongly in the future.". Mr. Liang, a citizen, also said that luxury packaging such as tonics and moon cakes is actually a waste, and the relevant departments should have taken care of it long ago. He believes that luxury gift packaging can indeed attract some consumers, but most consumers really care about the product itself. No matter how to say, packaging is only the "Facade" of goods, which is of little significance. Department: over packaging should have been stopped long ago. "Over packaging should have been stopped long ago." Zeng Ming, chief of the pollution control section of Nanning Environmental Protection Bureau, said in an interview with the anti-corrosion equipment, sealing materials and pump valve bushings. He told that in recent years, the packaging industry has become more and more outrageous without legal restrictions. Some manufacturers and product agents have interpreted the excessive packaging, especially the packaging of moon cakes, incisively and vividly. To some extent, it is a kind of deception to consumers to be favored by packaging materials and packaging materials. In the past, the environmental protection department has also received some environmental pollution complaints caused by this, but it is difficult to handle them and the effect is not obvious. "It is a good thing for the state to restrict the excessive packaging of goods by law.". At present, it is difficult to define excessive packaging. After the formal implementation of the prevention and control law, can we really stop excessive packaging? Zeng Ming pointed out that since the prevention and control law has no explicit provisions on excessive packaging, the relevant departments have not made a detailed description of the recycling mentioned in the law, which may become the threshold for the future implementation of the law. At the same time, he said that the relevant government departments need to seriously consider such details as how to identify the value of the packaging, which department should identify it, and whether the packaging of different commodities should be restricted according to one standard

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