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Ovum: telecom operators encounter crisis and turnaround brought about by data centers

ctiforum news on November 18 (pantentine): news on November 18, 2010. According to ovum's research, if telecom operators want to compete with the powerful products of independent operators, the data center strategy of telecom operators needs to make major changes

in the latest report, independent Telecom analysts pointed out that operators need to learn from independent data center operators, because many enterprises believe that independent data centers are more flexible, innovative and able to adapt to new trends, including the trend that the rapid growth of cloud computing services continues for months or even years

ovum analyst and author of the latest report * Mike sapien believes that if they want to continue to maintain their position as major market participants and become an important supplier of cloud computing services, operators need to cheer up

he said: "The data center has traditionally been used by operators to handle host hosting. However, the data center has taken on the new important role of cloud computing services and virtualization, and has made changes to address this emerging demand. Independent data center business operators are winning this market and are accumulating expertise. They symbolize the great challenge of operators. If operators want to stabilize their pace, operators need to Try harder. "

according to sapien's research, what impressed the enterprise was that the independent operators presented the latest and most advanced technologies and systems, and introduced them to the advanced data center functions and some of the best facilities

he said: "this has become a key capital and investment challenge. Operators need to pay more attention to this area, and the reality is that they are losing ground. However, if they adopt some strategies of independent operators and exert global influence, they can fight back and occupy a place in the battlefield of major data centers and cloud computing service providers."

sapien believes that operators should also make full use of existing customer relationships and channels, because this is their advantage over independent operators. He added: "Compared with independent operators, operators have closer cooperation with large multinational companies, which is a major challenge and disadvantage for independent operators. 3. check whether the power supply voltage of the access ring stiffness tester is normal. In addition, the government and education departments have traditionally been a huge market for large operators, and many enterprises are considering converting to hosting and cloud computing services. Operators should make use of the existing cooperation And create new ecosystems and partnerships for a range of products in their data centers, so that customers understand that they can meet their needs. " CTI Forum Report

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