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Packaging: eye-catching seducer

when you walk into a typical American super mall for a 30 minute shopping trip, you will be attracted by more than 30000 kinds of dazzling goods. In the end, there will be many products that you think are worth buying. Why? Packaging - yes, it is this silent but very persuasive salesman who seduces you

every box, bottle, jar, bag and spray bottle have been carefully designed and deeply touched your heart. Are you a good father? Do you care about environmental protection? 7 do you often think about the small and beautiful things in life

every detail has been carefully considered and tested on the shelves of the mall after modification. Changes to packaging design are often accurate to the nearest millimetre, because designers do not just see them as a package or a label. Like what you buy is a personality, an attitude, or even a belief

the pioneer who studied people's reaction to packaging was Lewis czerskin. He was an expert in marketing psychology and began to study packaging in the 1930s. He put the same product into two packages, one decorated with many rings and the other decorated with many triangles. Then he asked the tested people which product they liked and why. As a result, 80% of the people chose the products packed in the circular packaging box, and they thought that the products in this box were of better quality

chesking later wrote: "after asking the first 200 tested people, it was difficult for me to believe the test results; but after asking 19o0 people, I had to admit that most people have changed their feelings about packaging into their feelings about its content." In addition, he made an amazing discovery: even after trying these same products, people still like the packaging decorated with circular patterns

chesskin repeated this test for many different types of products. He found that the appearance of the package is very powerful for people. For example, it will make people feel that biscuits have a particularly good taste and soap has a particularly strong decontamination power

"this is a non isothermal process. Cherskin called this phenomenon" sensory transfer ". This not only became the basis of his career - he later became a consultant to PG, standard oii and McDonald's - but also pioneered packaging research

although consumers are maturing, the concept originally defined by cherskin still works. The experiment of tasting beer blindfolded can be repeated over and over again in order to determine the taste and quality of a certain beer through a large number of investigations. But when beer bottles appeared, beer packaging immediately changed the way people taste beer

one of the most dramatic experiments of czerskin was to send three kinds of axillary deodorants packaged in different colors and styles to a group of subjects, and tell them that the deodorants used three formulas, so that they could judge and distinguish

the result is: pattern B is considered good; Style C is considered to have too strong taste and poor effect; Pattern a is considered simply terrible. Several people who were tested using pattern a even developed skin allergies and had to see a doctor. However, these three deodorants are actually the same product

Walter stern, the next expert, pointed out that "consumers generally cannot distinguish between products and their packaging. Many products are packaging - or many packaging is products"

primo Angeli, a leading packaging company in San Francisco, used this law to make money to the extreme: to design packaging for products that have not yet appeared, in order to find a simpler and reliable force measurement method, the future products after packaging passed the market test and finally established their market position. Only when a company is convinced that it has a product that will win in the market will it develop a real product. The products launched in this way include just dessert condiment and a forthcoming product of Nestle

color is one of the most important tools for packaging. By studying the reaction of human eye movement to packaging, it is found that color is one of the factors that trigger the fastest eye movement in packaging

let's give an example of V8 vegetable juice in the United States. The overall composition of the V8 label has remained almost unchanged for decades: a group of tomatoes placed horizontally. Outside, Jinan Shijin sincerely hopes to have a long-term cooperative relationship with the majority of users. You may not notice it, but you can feel the strong color of the vegetables, surrounded by a circle of green leafy vegetables, and then decorated with vertically placed celery and carrots

v8 labels are not printed according to the standard four-color printing technology of printing magazines, but are printed in five colors. This makes the label have a vivid and amazing color, so this vegetable juice is particularly attractive to customers

the power of packaging may also depend on the balance of a set of contradictions - that is, to find the power point between offensive and soft conflicts. Aggressiveness is to make the product stand out in the store, but when it is taken home, it has to be soft

triangles and other patterns with prominent sharp corners will attract attention. But as chesking's early experiments have proved, people will look at them in an unfriendly way. This can also happen with color. Chesking believes that the most striking color is yellow, but it has a negative meaning for some products

when you go shopping, you will find many sharp and explosive patterns on some packages, usually bright yellow. Such designs are very eye-catching, but the words written on them are often very friendly:

"new and improved", "20% reduction" or "free gift"

round or oval patterns can give people a sense of completeness, acceptability and inclusiveness. They are the basic patterns of many packages because they can make people have positive associations. But in order to design effects, they must also be combined with other symbols. Therefore, the concentric circles on Tide detergent bags are covered with thick "tide" characters

chesking has studied with McDonald's, a fast food giant, whether to give up its "m" architectural logo. His research shows that "m" is a huge wealth of McDonald's, because it has a huge spiritual effect on people's subconsciousness. Chesking once said "m" was "the breast of McDonald's aunt". This is a powerful mental connection when you want to give up cooking at home

there is no doubt that people have instinctive reactions to color and shape. But how these factors helped people decide to buy a pound of bacon or a bottle of moisturizer is not understandable. This process is certainly not rational. Stan gross, a marketing expert at Harvard, pointed out: "I can't ask you why you like some kind of packaging, and you can't tell. Packaging is not silent, it is shouting - but it is shouting in your heart."

in order to explore this inner activity, gross once asked many tested people - sometimes consumers, sometimes packaging designers - to play games that can reveal people's inner activities. He organized the subjects into groups, gave them various types of packaging, and asked him to tell the story of these packaging: "if this toothpaste is a person, please write an obituary." Or: "if this detergent is a film, what is its content?" He encouraged people to play these interesting games; Because he thinks it can reveal people's reasoning and more real reactions

a group of subjects who tested tide washing powder said tide was the American action movie star Sylvester Stallone. Gross pointed out: "the positive side of this description is that this product can clean your clothes and has strong cleaning power; the negative side is that this product seems a little stupid."

another group of subjects regarded another familiar detergent of a certain brand as a lazy woman who did not return all night at the age of 14. She became pregnant at the age of 17 and went to the Halloween party wearing a loincloth and no clothes. Gross explained: "this product is very 'pleasant'. It has many characteristics for many people - because most of them are lazy

source: China's packaging industry

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