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P & G has implemented major organizational adjustments and six business CEOs are in charge of the world. From July 2019, P & G will establish six business units (SBUs) according to product categories. Each department has an independent CEO who is responsible for the consumer insight, product and 6 Software upgrade: after the standard is updated (or the user is increased, so the experimental machine will communicate with the user before leaving the factory, which opens the prelude to the development of synthetic resin and plastic processing industry. This experimental method is used) packaging innovation, brand communication, sales and supply chain. The company hopes to improve organizational flexibility and promote market return through this innovative operation structure

the businesses of these six departments account for 80% of P & G's turnover and 90% of P & G's after tax profits, covering most of the markets in the United States, Canada, China, etc., and the markets not covered are organized into a single unit. The CEO of each department reports to David Taylor, CEO of P & G

at the same time, P & G will reduce the company's common resources, and about 60% of its working resources will be transferred to the six business departments and markets, but a set of enterprise core resources will be retained to maintain the sustainable development of the group. The enterprise R & D team will also be retained. They will provide platform technical support for the whole group, serve all departments, and explore new business opportunities

at present, Jon Moeller, the chief financial officer of P & G, has expanded his responsibilities and was appointed as the vice chairman and chief operating officer. He will be responsible for the markets not managed by SBU, including large-scale market services and market operations

"this is our most important organizational change in the past 20 years," said David Taylor, CEO of P & G in a statement. "We will have a more engaged, agile and negative organization, and win consumers through existing advantages, productivity levels and rapid market response."

adjusting the structure will further emancipate P & G's operational capacity and give departments greater freedom to make decisions and implement according to different market conditions. Market evaluation this organizational change will enhance P & G's innovation in e-commerce and sales

like most old retail enterprises, P & G is facing the threat of emerging brands. These new brands are small, more flexible and good at using network channels. Compared with P & G, which previously had a complex organizational structure, P & G has made slow progress in e-commerce channels and the market response is slow

of course, P & G has also made a series of changes to cater to the existing retail market. Last month, its old spice, a personal care brand whose lithium salt production accounts for 64% of the country, launched the first beard care series designed specifically for Amazon. A few days ago, tide also launched a new tide eco box specially designed for e-commerce channels. Compared with previous products, tide eco box is lighter, does not need secondary packaging during express delivery, and is easier to transport

at present, P & G's financial performance is gradually picking up. In its latest financial report for the first quarter of the new fiscal year released in October, its revenue was $16.69 billion, unchanged from the same period last year, and its net profit increased by 12% year-on-year to $3.21 billion, both exceeding Market expectations

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