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Ovitec CRM China under Bertelsmann has reached a cooperation with IBM

ibm's big data and analysis flagship product Watson analytics helps with accurate and intelligent marketing. The factory adopts the earliest advanced high-temperature polymer customized design, mold, testing and processing expertise to manufacture various key components

december 15, 2016, Ovitec CRM China (hereinafter referred to as ovitec) under Bertelsmann group announced that it had reached cooperation with IBM (nyse:ibm) in the field of big data analysis and precision intelligent marketing. By using IBM Watson analytics cognitive data analysis and prediction tools, ovitec has greatly shortened its workflow and time, improved its interactive in-depth analysis and prediction ability, enabled ovitec to provide better consulting services for its customers' more accurate intelligent marketing and decision-making, and further consolidated its leading position in big data analysis and prediction and customer relationship management (CRM)

launching ceremony of cooperation between ovitec CRM China under Bertelsmann group and IBM

ovitec CRM China under Bertelsmann group is one of the eight business segments of Bertelsmann group. It has more than 15 years of global localized business service experience in the field of customer relationship management (CRM) and direct marketing, has more than 300 marketing experts in many industries, and has won the favor of many industries including aviation, automobile, insurance, fast consumption, retail and so on. It has become a long-term and reliable business partner of many well-known enterprises. Through solution driven marketing services and customer services, the company has continuously improved to provide more innovative and comprehensive solutions to existing and new customers, and is committed to achieving continuous win-win results with customers

in the process of continuous development, ovitec found that the business process of data insight and mining was relatively cumbersome. When the business consultants accepted the requirements, professional data analysts and Bi engineers were required to process the data and visualize its tables. This process leads to a long time for relevant processed data to be fed back to the business consultant. At the same time, customers' requirements for data accuracy are also increasing. Based on such needs faced by enterprises, ovitec has fundamentally changed the use of other business processes by using Watson analytics solutions from IBM to provide customers with analysis solutions combined with cognitive technologies

Mr. nirenjie, vice president of ovitec CRM China marketing service business unit, mentioned that ovitec has been committed to providing more professional services to Omni channel customers. By cooperating with IBM this time and using Watson analytics solutions, we not only realized the integration and simplification of internal resources, but also provided customers with more accurate and intelligent marketing solutions and strategies through cognitive ability. Relying on the professional ability of ovitec in big data analysis, business intelligence consulting, Omni channel marketing and other fields, with excellent operation management and rich industry experience, we will achieve the best consumer experience for enterprises

watson analytics is an innovative cloud analysis platform based on Watson cognitive technology. It has natural language cognitive query, predictive analysis and visual analysis capabilities, enabling business people to cross the barriers of IT expertise and acquire the same cognitive driven predictive and guiding analysis capabilities as data analysts. It fills the gap in the market of cognitive analysis tools for China's market analysis. It is an excellent analysis and prediction tool, and can be widely used in many industries and fields such as retail, banks and special experimental machines for ring stiffness of data analysis institutions. Therefore, the quasi-static fatigue analysis method can obtain satisfactory results, measured creep limit values and so on. For enterprises and individuals who need big data analysis, including developers and data analysts, Watson analytics will be their right-hand man

in order to significantly reduce the demand for professional skills in advanced analysis and ensure that business people gain key insights into customers and business processes, IBM Watson Analytics has made innovations in the following four aspects:

natural language interaction: Watson analytics uses the natural language used by enterprises and employees. People can simply input what they want to say for analysis without the need for professionals to compile; The results obtained by Watson analytics can explain the cause of the event and reveal the possible trend in the future. All these will be described in language that meets the understanding of business people. Single business analysis experience: Watson analytics can provide a seamless and unified experience. Guided predictive analysis: Watson analytics includes a predictive analysis function, which can automatically mine the most relevant facts and reveal unpredictable patterns and relationships. This process will stimulate new problems and better insights, and guide users to pay attention to the critical change trends in guopiyi's business. Data connectivity: Watson analytics can support IBMDB2 databases, Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) API connectors for SQL databases, and IBM Cognos business intelligence software applications

hongjianxun, head of analysis tool product line business of IBM's big data and Analysis Division in Greater China, said: in recent years, more and more enterprises have more demands for accurate data analysis and prediction. IBM has been adhering to the strategic direction of injecting the most cutting-edge cognition and big data analysis capabilities into all walks of life, embracing open source and moving towards the cloud, and is committed to bringing the latest technologies and solutions to Chinese customers. The introduction of Watson analytics, with its excellent prediction and ability of natural language interaction, will certainly become a leading tool and scheme in the field of analysis and prediction in China. IBM hopes Watson analytics can enable business people to overcome the barriers of IT expertise and acquire the same cognitive driven predictive and guiding analysis capabilities as data analysts

watson Analytics has more than 2million registered users all over the world and has become a popular data analysis solution all over the world. It has just been launched in Greater China and has obtained more than 20000 registered users. More than 400 universities around the world have integrated Watson analytics into their courses

worldwide, many well-known enterprises or organizations from consulting, medical, manufacturing, service, media, education and other industries are using Watson analytics to obtain fast, accurate and effective business operation insight. In the consulting industry, minterellison, one of the largest multinational law firms in the Asia Pacific region, is using Watson analytics to find the relationship between the slowdown in the revenue of multiple clients and the slowdown in the growth of specific industry sectors, and to explore more profitable client opportunities; In the medical industry, Watson analytics used the natural language query ability to help Benco dental, the largest private dental materials distributor in the United States, determine the effectiveness of its specific promotion projects. Through exploring hidden insights, Watson analytics discovered its long-standing misunderstanding about the traditional marketing strategy, and assisted Benco dental to re formulate a set of reasonable pricing strategies; In the manufacturing industry, Mueller, a famous metal roof manufacturer in the United States, used Watson analytics to improve and simplify the revenue forecasting process, realized real-time adjustment of project personnel arrangement, and greatly improved the speed of making accurate decisions; In the service industry, legend, a company specialized in providing services for professional sports events and sports events in universities, used Watson analytics to upload data on transaction time, attendance, number of seats for sale and weather, so as to better understand the determinants of achieving excellent sales performance, and standardized these successful sales practices to all stands, greatly improving sales; In the education industry, Northwestern University is incorporating Watson analytics into its courses of predictive analysis, marketing mix model and entertainment marketing to help its students build visualization and master social media emotion analysis

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