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Ovim shining China Bridge Expo was praised by academicians

ovim shining China Bridge Expo was praised by academicians

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although the sample size changed on November 2, China (Wuhan) International Bridge Technology Forum and China (Wuhan) International Bridge Industry Expo with the theme of "intelligent construction and intelligent service" opened in Wuhan International Expo Center. More than 50 bridge leaders from China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and other countries, as well as more than 2000 domestic and foreign bridge design, construction, supervision, consulting enterprises and related upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises, gathered together to seek innovation and development of bridge science and technology

▲ main forum of the conference

at this China Bridge Expo, Liuzhou ovim Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition in the form of "forum + Exhibition". Led by Li Muhan, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the company, xiezhengyuan, deputy general manager in charge of technology, and chenyupeng, deputy general manager in charge of marketing, kept abreast of each other to comprehensively display ovim's style of service in the whole life cycle of prestress, which was highly concerned and praised by industry experts

▲ exchange with the National Engineering Survey and design master Zhangmin (first from the right)

ovim technology stage main forum

fangmingshan, deputy chief engineer of Zhejiang Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., and xiezhengyuan, chief engineer of ovim, respectively introduced and analyzed the grouting sleeve, high-strength steel bar and self-locking prestressed connection technology from the aspects of structural design, key technology, experimental research, engineering application, etc, It also recommended the connection forms of non seismic areas and seismic areas, which was widely concerned and highly recognized by industry experts

▲ xiezhengyuan described the application occasions and technical characteristics of grouting sleeve, high-strength steel bar and self-locking prestressed connection technology in the report on key technologies and engineering application of Precast Pier quick connection.

ovim was praised by academicians, mayors and experts.

in ovim's exhibition hall, there is a display area of prestressed life cycle service experts composed of three themes and seven technical blocks. Three themes: system service theme (observatory system service model), intelligent cable (integrated physical demonstration of temperature, humidity, visualization, acceleration and pressure), beam pier related technology (the design of engineering rubber fixture is also a difficulty, and the formability of automobile alloy produced is more than 40% higher than that of current aluminum alloy, sleeve technology, high-strength steel bar, etc.). The seven modules are: engineering technology video display, suspension bridge technology Steel wire cable technology, fire and explosion prevention technology, intelligent bridge monitoring technology, engineering rubber technology, prestressed equipment technology, and the recent technological transformation achievements of ovim company are comprehensively introduced

▲ academician maoxinping of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (second from the left)

▲ academician xiexianqi of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (third from the left)

▲ Yi lunxiong, deputy chief engineer of China Railway Bridge Research Institute Group (fourth from the left)

▲ expressed high recognition and praise for the "Chinese heavenly eye" manufacturing participated by ovim

▲ mayor of Wuhan Municipal People's government zhouxianwang (second from the right)

▲ chairman of China Railway Bridge Bureau liuziming (in the figure)

▲ jiangmingbao, chief engineer of the Ministry of transport

▲ chenyunxin, vice mayor of Wuhan Municipal People's government, visited the ovim technology exhibition area for guidance

▲ Qin Weiwei, deputy general manager of domestic marketing, was interviewed by local media in Wuhan

ovim's participation in the event coincided not only with the completion and opening of the 1700m long Wuhan yangsigang bridge participated by ovim, but also in response to the national "the Belt and Road", Seize the development opportunities of the enterprise itself, promote international bridge science and technology exchanges and cooperation in technical reports and exhibitions, further highlight the ovim brand and the "made in China" bridge brand, promote the transformation of ovim's product technology from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", and comprehensively upgrade the prestressing technology to intelligent construction and intelligent service

experimental machine is mainly a mechanical experimental machine for testing materials

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