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The owner of Xi'an Haichuang Yibang high tech store is missing 200 owners are trapped

the owner of Xi'an Haichuang Yibang high tech store is missing 200 owners are trapped

July 15, 2013

[China paint information] it is not surprising that the "guerrillas" of home decoration have shot one shot to change a place, but some home decoration companies known as "regular army" have also played "hide and seek". On July 14, the high-tech store of Xi'an Haichuang Yibang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. staged a suspected money flight event, and the boss mysteriously "disappeared". At present, there is no place to ask for the hard wages of the project manager, designers and workers, as well as the decoration expenses of the owner

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the owners came to the company with the decoration contract and payment voucher to ask for an explanation

the decoration money paid by the owners was ruined

on July 14, the newspaper received several feedback from readers, saying that they signed a decoration contract with the high-tech store of Xi'an Haichuang Yibang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. a few months ago, but the other party stopped working for unknown reasons, so they contacted the designer of the company. The designer said that the boss informed all employees to take a week off yesterday morning, and then he could not be contacted again

Ms. Cui, the owner, said that she had recently purchased a new house in the South Third Ring Railway Shangdu, signed a decoration contract with "Haichuang Yibang" high tech store, and had paid more than 6000 yuan in advance for decoration. "It's not easy to buy a house. Now, after the advance payment for decoration has been paid, it's too annoying."

Ms. Wang, who lives in Yishu, Fenglin, high tech Zone, signed a formal decoration agreement with the store in June this year, and paid 80% of the decoration money in advance, totaling 60000 yuan. "Now, not only has the house not been renovated, but also the decoration money has gone." She said angrily

the owner, Mr. Wang, signed a house decoration contract with the store in October last year. At that time, both parties agreed that the project would be completed within two months. However, by the end of last year, the whole decoration project was only half completed

"several owners in our community are in the same situation as me. The decoration works have not been completed. Most owners have only completed half of their projects, while some owners have just started their projects. That's good. Half of the houses have been decorated, and the hard-earned money has gone. What should we do?"

the project funds and wages of employees are also in arrears.

the high-tech store of Haichuang Yibang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is located on the science and technology road. Yesterday afternoon, nearly 100 owners of various communities in Xi'an had gathered at the door of the company's office

through the glass door of the office, we can see that all the office supplies in the company are piled up in disorder, and the employees in the company hang their heads one by one. The dry condition: 80 ⑼ 0 ℃, sitting in the office dejectedly for 2 hours

"I really didn't expect this. How should I tell my customers?" Ms. Xu, who is engaged in design work in the company, said reluctantly

a project manager disclosed that more than 200 owners signed decoration contracts with the company, including more than 180 projects under construction, and 100 projects were delayed due to this debt. According to the decoration needs of each owner, the company divides the decoration projects into two categories: semi contracted decoration and fully contracted decoration. Due to the different needs of each owner, the decoration quotation ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. According to preliminary estimation, the company owes nearly ten million yuan to the owner, project manager, designer, etc

"the company has been in arrears with the project manager since the end of 2012. Up to now, it has been in arrears of 4million. The wages and commissions of dozens of employees in the company have also been in arrears for half a year." The project manager said that he was worried to see so many owners gathered here, but he didn't know what to do

the police are investigating the case and the case has not been determined yet.

Haichuang Yibang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, has the national design and construction double "class B" qualification, and is a member of Xi'an family Decoration Association. The two owners of the high-tech store are surnamed Zhao and Liu respectively, and the business license of the store has expired, and the legal representative is also vacant. At present, the business nature of the store has not been clearly defined

due to the delay in contacting the company's boss, nearly 100 owners who came to discuss their opinions were even more excited. Yesterday afternoon, more than 30 owners gathered to block the intersection of Xujiazhuang, and then the police of Baisha Road police station arrived in time to persuade and evacuate

at present, the police have begun to deal with this matter. "The case has not yet been determined, and the situation is relatively complex. We must make a clear investigation before we can make a final decision on the case." At present, carbon fiber used as brake pad material by Baisha road school is mainly used in F1 racing, said police officer Wang


find out the "details" of the decoration company before signing the contract

similar cases have occurred in many cities in China

on June 10 this year, the media in Changchun, Jilin reported that the decoration foreman of a household in the city disappeared and promised that the two-month construction period had not been completed for one year

in November 2012, Mr. Zhou from Liuzhou, Guangxi, handed over his new house to the decoration company for decoration, which has not been completed yet, but the decoration company has left the building empty, and many construction teams have not received the project funds from the decoration company

2012 April, after signing a contract with a decoration company, Ms. Chen in Shapingba District, Chongqing paid 80% of the decoration money, but the other party did not follow the progress agreed in the contract and delayed again and again. Later, the boss of the decoration team ran away with the money and could not be contacted again...

it is understood that at present, there are nearly 1000 decoration companies in Xi'an, large and small, and many decoration companies are not only lack of qualification, but also lack of funds, Some of them are even the same as leather bag companies, which not only seriously infringe on the interests of owners, but also have a negative impact on the entire home decoration industry

an insider reminded the owner that before signing an agreement with the decoration company, he can ask the decoration company for the commencement record of the last three months. With the orderly and rapid development of the new energy industry, he can see whether the company's business volume is saturated and relatively stable, and draw families from them to ask the company to provide decoration contracts or verify them. It is best to go to the construction site to understand the situation

secondly, we should also pay attention to the investigation of business volume. If there are many corporate logo stickers of the company in a community that the home decoration company leads the owner to go to, in fact, these may not be the company's construction site, but the home decoration company pays some publicity fees to the property management of the community, and the property management of the community hangs them

thirdly, check whether the staff of the company is stable, such as designers, project managers, etc. you can inquire about the personnel changes of the company from the side. Be careful if there are many staff leaving or frequent personnel changes

finally, the owner can ask the home decoration company to provide him with a list of material suppliers' cooperation. The owner can spot check the situation of the material suppliers cooperating with the home decoration company, such as floors, cabinets, ceramic tiles, etc., to see whether the home decoration company has defaulted on the payment of material suppliers. Special attention should also be paid to the fact that some home decoration companies have the signboard of their own property right houses. Remember to see whether the property right houses are personal assets or corporate assets. If they are personal assets, home decoration companies "escape", and the assets can not be confiscated

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