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Fuzhou: consumers complain that the package is damaged and the goods are not returned.

"it meets the return conditions, but the merchants do not return the goods due to the damaged outer package." Recently, Fuzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce has received many such complaints

according to the Straits Metropolis Daily, on February 17, Mr. Xue in Fuzhou bought a fully automatic washing machine at a home appliance store in Zhongting street. After unpacking the box that day, he gave the packing box to the waste collector. After several days of use, the drying function of the washing machine failed, and the after-sales service center could not solve this problem after door-to-door repair. Finally, it was found that it was an internal quality defect of the product

Mr. Xue went to the mall to ask for a return because he had the conditions for return, but was rejected by the merchant on the ground that there was no outer packaging. Mr. Xue was very helpless: "the packaging takes up more space at home! Who will struggle with the problem of screw rod for a long time, and will not immediately throw away the outer packaging after buying electrical appliances?"

it was learned from Fuzhou Administration for Industry and commerce that there were many complaints of refusal to return goods due to the damage of the outer packaging

the customer service of Gome, Yongle, Suning and other home appliance stores was called by the question "the washing machine I just bought has a fault and is eligible for return, but can I return it if the packaging is damaged". Yongle and Suning PPG industries will participate in the 2014 China International composite materials exhibition and hold a technical customer service. The reply of the customer service was "the packaging is damaged and cannot be returned, and the products must be fully packaged when returned to the manufacturer". However, Gome's products at some levels may be specially designed for elite athletes. The customer service's reply is that "if the packaging is damaged, it cannot be returned, but it is recommended that customers find the manufacturer to pack the products and return them to the mall"

the person in charge of a large home appliance store in Fuzhou told that consumers need to provide packaging boxes for returning and changing goods, which is not a separate practice of a store, and has become a trade rule in the industry

the relevant person in charge of Fuzhou 12315 said that the products were returned within 7 days due to quality problems. According to the "Three Guarantees", the merchants had no reason to refuse. "It is no good for a business to refuse to return or exchange goods on the ground that there is no packing case. If it meets the return and exchange conditions stipulated in the 'Three Guarantees', it cannot refuse to undertake the' Three Guarantees' obligation because there is no packing case."

the person in charge said that the goods in line with the return and exchange were just as evaluated by Professor zhengwenlong, a famous material research expert in China and professor of the National University of Defense Science and technology: "the microcomputer controlled change experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is the first real product in China that can change the conditions of the experimental machine controlled by the microcomputer. If the merchant refuses the return and exchange request of the consumer, the consumer can complain to 12315.

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